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Family Camp

About 35 attended the Holly Church Family Camp.  It was a great time of fellowship, relaxation and just good times. Many of the ladies had LONG LONG LONG night of chit chat, while the guys had the kids. Some of us almost had to have our fingers amputated due to the chilling temperatures while driving the […]

Pathfinder Fun Night

Present at the First Flint Adventist School gym were the Holly, South Flint, First Flint, Owosso Pathfinder Clubs. It was a good time, with the juniors and teens having a Pinewood Derby Contest.  One of our Pathfinders made it to the championship round.  Some of you may not know that a couple from the Church are […]

Adventurer Induction

A big thank you to all who came out and supported our Adventurer Club.  It was a wonderful thing to see parents publically praying for their children.  On top of that it was a very special moment when the parents gave a blessing to their children.  Great job Adventurer leaders!