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El Salvador: Adventist Literacy Project Brings Opportunities to Thousands

IN EL SALVADOR, ADVENTIST LITERACY PROGRAM BRINGS NEW OPPORTUNITIES TO THOUSANDS 930 LOCAL CHURCHES SET TO SERVE AS COMMUNITY LITERACY CENTERS IN 2014 February 07, 2014 | Soyapango, San Salvador, El Salvador | Gustavo Menendez/IAD Staff/ANN staff A literacy program coordinated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church in El Salvador has reduced the country’s illiteracy rate […]

Landmark Survey Reveals In-Depth Beliefs, Perceptions of SDA Members

In the most extensive research ever conducted on attitudes, beliefs, experiences and spiritual practices of Seventh-day Adventist, it was seen that members have a positive affirmation of the denomination, but also demonstrated a trend toward secularization. Based on thousands of surveys (41,000) from around the world, some of the significant findings were: Sabbath School teachers […]

Urgent Prayer Request: Marcel Hubbell

At the request of Marcel’s mother, we are publishing this post:   Marcel is the son of Larry and Merna Hubbell. Yesterday he had a stroke and is bleeding in the brain.  They are in surgery right now to remove part of his scull to release the pressure on the brain. He is in critical […]

Adelphian Alumni Donate to AJA and GLAA

This passed weekend (10/11 -11/13) Great Lakes Adventist Academy celebrated Alumni weekend. During the ceremony, a checked for $1,000 was donated by the Adelphian Academy Alumni Association (AAAA) to the GLAA Worthy Study Fund.  Representing AJA (Adelphian Junior Academy), the presentation was made by Andrews Oliver, a current Junior at GLAA.  He also announced that […]