God is Not Dead!

Martin Luther, who many know as being used by God to bring in important truth and Bible light to his people was severely oppressed by Satan with discouragement. Often, Luther would feel persecuted from all sides and abandoned by all. His wife Kate, would try and cheer him up from his sadness and desperation, but the days would pass and all her attempts would fail; nothing could lift up his spirit.

Finally, she dressed herself up widows clothing and went about their home in a state of mourning. When Luther saw her, he asked “Who died?” “God has” replied Kate. “Don’t talk nonsense” said the great reformer.

“Well, my dear doctor, you’ve been so discouraged that I concluded that God had to have died, and that’s why I dressed as a widow.” Martin Luther understood the lesson that his wife was trying to teaching him. He hugged her and decided to live, act, speak and believe that God was still alive.

The fact that God does not change is of great hope and consolation. A young girl, who lives with low self-esteem and sees God as perfect and constant, won’t receive much encouragement knowing that God does not change His standards, a man who struggles with pornography won’t receive hope with a review of “Thou shall not covet” (Ex. 20:17).

But those same individuals, by beholding a God who does not change, the same God who took a weak band of Hebrews out of slavery in Egypt, a God tells people like Isaiah, to “comfort, comfort my people” (Isa. 40:1), and also sent Jesus to die for our condition, this will give them hope.

That same God we read in the Bible, that we hear about in sermons, religious books/audio, Christian radio stations, etc., it is that same God that will strengthen you and free you from your addictions and weaknesses. He will comfort you and demonstrate your incredible value and specialness. We all are His children and apple of His eye (Ps. 17:8)

God is still alive friend, and therefore we can live as conquerors. Even though our present conditional may be messed up, God is still with us and He is still for us. Because of Him we can claim of God’s victory and He then grants it to us.